Regional Emergency Management Organization Be Ready


The responsibility for the health and welfare of the public rests with the elected officials of a municipal government according to the Emergency Management Act amended in 2005. Every municipality must be prepared to the extent of its own capabilities to meet the threat that may arise from emergencies or disasters.

Because of their close geographical proximity and shared emergency response partners such as Red Cross, and Public Health, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, the Municipality of the District of Chester, the Town of Bridgewater and the Town of Mahone Bay signed a Regional Emergency Response Agreement in 2006. The four municipal units under this agreement share the responsibilities of emergency preparedness, planning, response and recovery when possible and appropriate.

Under this agreement, a Regional Emergency Response plan has been developed to guide actions and decisions during an emergency response whether the event involves a single town or municipal unit or a number of, or all units within the agreement.

There are 3 groups within REMO. The Advisory Committee consists of the Mayors/Wardens and elected officials. This group advises the four councils on REMO activities and functions within the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) if required. The Planning Committee consists of individuals representing the various departments and organizations that might have a role to play during an emergency event. This group works in the planning and preparedness phases to ensure the community has emergency plans, procedures and resources to support the response effort if required. A third group within REMO consists of the Regional Emergency Management Coordinator and an Emergency Management Liaison person from within each of the municipal units. This group functions in all aspects of emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery and monitors both local and regional concerns.